thebarkingpig (thebarkingpig) wrote in franciscanheart,

New for Christians with ADD/ADHD

New Community for Christians with ADD
Hey everyone!
I'm very excited to say that I just started a new LJ community that I think will be really wonderful once it gets going!
It's called wriggleyfish, and the goal is for it to be a safe space for Christians with ADD/ADHD to share their thoughts and experiences, support each other, ask questions and get helpful answers, grow together, and whatever else God might do with it!
I've been really blessed by the adults_add community, but have found that there is a real need for a community where Christianity can be the overtones while we discuss ADD, and where an understanding of ADD can play into our discussions of theology.
I hope you will check it out, and please join if it fits the bill for you - I think that once people join amd start talking it can become a really delightful, thriving community!
Message me if you have any thoughts/questions!
God bless!

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