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St. Francis Is Promised the Kingdom

October 12

St. Francis Is Promised the Kingdom

One night when the many and severe pains of his sickness had exhausted him more than usual, Francis began to feel sorry for himself in the very depths of his heart. But he refused to yield to self-pity for even an hour and therefore kept praying to Christ to keep the shield of his patience unsheltered. And as he continued to pray in agony, the Lord gave him the promise of eternal life in this comparison: “If the whole substance of the earth and the whole universe were priceless and precious gold, and it were given to you in exchange for these severe sufferings you are enduring, would you not be happy and willingly bear what you are suffering now?”
    “Yes, I would be happy,” St. Francis said. “I would rejoice beyond all measure.”
    “Rejoice, therefore,” the Lord said to him “your sickness is an assurance of my kingdom. Wait for it as your inheritance. Be steadfast and assured of this reward for your patience.”

-- Celano, Second Life, 213
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