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St. Francis Makes a Request the Week of His Death

October 9

St. Francis Makes a Request the Week of His Death

“You know that the Lady Jacoba of Settesoli has been, and remains, very devoted to me and to our Order. I believe that if you would let her know that I am failing, she would consider it a great favor and kindness.
    “And tell her to send cloth for a tunic. It should be monk’s cloth, the color of ashes, like the cloth the Cistercians weave in lands across the sea. She might also send some of that pastry she used to make for me when I was in the Holy City.”
    Just then there was a knock at the door. And when one of the brothers opened the outer gate, he saw before him Lady Jacoba, who explained, “Brothers, while I was in prayer I heard in the Spirit, ‘Go visit your father, St. Francis, and quickly; do not delay. If you tarry, you won’t find him alive. Take with you some monk’s cloth for his tunic, and the ingredients you need to make that pastry for him, and take a good quantity of wax candles, too, and some incense.’”

-- Writings of Leo, Rufino, and Angelo, 35a
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