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St. Francis Blesses the City of Assisi

October 19

St. Francis Blesses the City of Assisi

Lord, it is believed that in olden days this city was a refuge of evil people. But now it is clear that in your large mercy and at a time of your choosing, you have shown your special super-abundant compassion. Through your goodness alone, you have chosen Assisi to be a place of refuge for those who know you in truth, who give glory to your holy name, and who waft toward all Christian people the perfume of right reputation, holy life, true doctrine, and evangelical perfection. Therefore I pray you, O Lord Jesus Christ, father of mercies, that you not dwell on our ingratitude, but remember always the immense compassion you have shown this city. Let it always be a place of refuge for those who really know you and glorify your blessed name forever. Amen.

-- Mirror of Perfection, 124
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