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St. Francis’s Prophecy Concerning His Body

October 10

St. Francis’s Prophecy Concerning His Body

One day, when Francis lay ill in the bishop’s residence in Assisi, a spiritual brother said to him with a smile, as if joking, “How much do you think you should charge the Lord for this sackcloth of yours? For much precious cloth and drapery will one day cover your little body which now is clothed in sackcloth!” And indeed, at that time St. Francis’s cowl was patched with sackcloth, and his habit was all of sackcloth, as well.
    Then St. Francis, or rather the Holy Spirit in him, answered with words filled with fervor and joy, “You have spoken the truth; what you’ve said will be fulfilled to the praise and glory of my God.”

-- Mirror of Perfection, 109
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