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St. Francis Keeps His Promise to St. Clare

October 8

St. Francis Keeps His Promise to St. Clare

Not long after St. Clare received St. Francis’s letter blessing and absolving her and the Poor Ladies, Francis died in the night. At daybreak, then, all the clergy and people of Assisi came and bore Francis’s body from the place where he had died and as they went, sang hymns of praise and waved tree branches, which they carried in his honor. And by the will of God the procession went by way of San Damiano, to fulfill the words the Lord had spoken through Francis to comfort his daughters and sisters.
    The brothers removed the iron grille through which the Poor Ladies received Holy Communion and heard the Word of God, and lifted the body of Francis from its bier and placed it in the arms that reached out through the window. Lady Clare and her sisters were thereby consoled, although they were filled with grief and wept aloud that they were now deprived of the comfort and counsel of such a father.

-- Mirror of Perfection, 108
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